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Apr 12

EASTER 1916 – New painting is now on display in East Wall

Eilish Lynch with her painting

“THEY DID US PROUD:OUR HEROES GONE” – A new painting by Artist Eilish Lynch is now on permanent display in the Sean O’Casey Community Centre , St. Marys Road , and can be viewed Monday to Friday between 8am and 10pm. The painting , which is a representation of Easter 1916 and the Independence struggle, …

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Apr 04

A FAMILY AT WAR WITH AN EMPIRE – Christy and ‘Dina’ Crothers of the Irish Citizen Army

Christy and 'Dina' Crothers

From the  Easter Rising to Bloody Sunday and Civil War    On Easter Monday 1916 amongst those who set out to ‘Break the chains with England’ was 14 year old Christy Crothers of the Irish Citizen Army. His Rising would be short lived, as on Tuesday afternoon, due to his young age he was ordered …

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Nov 21

Bloody Sunday 1920, East Wall and the one who got away.

blody sunday head line 01

Bloody Sunday 1920, East Wall and the one who got away. The events of November 21st 1920 are among the most talked about from the Irish Revolutionary period. Remembered as ‘Bloody Sunday’, the day saw a total of 31 violent deaths in the city – 14 targets associated with British Military Intelligence , 14 shot …

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Oct 08

Sean Hunter, Bloody Sunday and his tragic death in 1922

01 Sean Hunter memorial card

“I see his blood upon the rose” Sean Hunter, Bloody Sunday and his tragic death in 1922 The grave of Michael Collins in Glasnevin Cemetary is the most visited grave in Ireland.  His grave is constantly adorned with flowers and other tributes, and is rarely without a group around it. The late historian Shane Mac …

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Aug 31

Bloody Sunday 1913 Patrick Lennon , East Waller, is ‘bloodied but unbowed’.


On this date, 31st August, one hundred years ago Irelands first ‘Bloody Sunday’ occurred. The image of the baton charge on O’Connell Street is one of the most famous Irish photos of the 20th century. An attack by the Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) and Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) saw hundreds of citizens injured as trade …

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Nov 20



Bloody Sunday 1920, the G.A.A. and “Stonewall” Jack O’Reilly November 21st 1920 will be forever remembered in Dublin as Bloody Sunday. The events of that day were to lead to 31 deaths in the City, and are amongst the most notorious incidents of the era. In a co-ordinated series of early morning attacks the I.R.A. …

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