Jun 17

Family Fun day – the preparation

Family Fun day – the preparation

On Sunday the 16th June our Family fun day took place to celebrate our community success as “Pride of Place” winners. This photo essay chronicles the trials and triumphs of the intrepid group of volunteers who gathered at the recreation centre to prepare for the day ahead.


01 Many hands make light work

Many hands make light work.

02 Confused   03 also confused

Confused!                    Also Confused!



04 At last ...NOT confused

At last …NOT confused.             05 It's starting to happen

                         It’s starting to happen…



06 Balloons   

Balloon Preparation

       07 More balloons

More balloon preparation.                                                      

08 even more balloons          

Even More Balloon preparation.

09 Balloons the finished product

The Finished Product.                                  

10 Ready steady cook

Ready Steady Cook!                    


11 Can somebody say Risk Assesment

Can somebody say “RISK ASSESMENT”



12 At last the clowns have arrived

“Who booked the clown?”

13 more helpers arrive

More helpers arrive…

14 bringing more confusion with them.

…bringing new confusion with them.

15 New orders there will be no confusion

New instructions – “There will be no confusion”

16 and its all happening sharpish now      17 Bin bags hung around the venue

And it’s all happening now.                                           Bin bags are hung around the playground.


Two Marquees later , the balloons and bunting are in place , the sound system is pumping out the music , the cookers have been fired up , the Garda band are parked outside and the Magician is due to appear ! The clock has just struck 2pm , and we’re ready to go …



















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