May 17

EAST WALL FESTIVAL: 1975 – 2015 “…the soundtrack of your life”.


“Music is the soundtrack of your life.”

On this date four decades ago there was great excitement in the locality. The people of East Wall were busy preparing for the first Festival, just three weeks away. And if music does, as the quote says, provide a soundtrack for our lives , then this is what was playing in the background  . MUD were enjoying their second week topping the Irish music charts , and would continue to do so for a third week too. They would be knocked from the top spot at the end of the month , and Tammy Wynette would enjoy her own three week run . “Stand by your man” would be the best selling Irish single before, during and after festival week 1975.


Meanwhile , across the water , there was something strange happening , as this oddity was topping the UK singles chart .Other tunes riding high and dominating the airwaves and turn-styles of the nation were Showaddywaddy (“Three steps to Heaven”) , 10CC (“I’m not in love”), Bay City Rollers (“Bye bye baby”) and at least one Irish Star – Red Hurley (“Love is all”).


Cover of the original 1975   brochure

Cover of the original 1975 brochure

It is hard to believe that the  East Wall Festival is forty years old in June. It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago.  Many have very fond memories of that great event, and those in subsequent years. Next Month we will remember the historic festival of 1975, and celebrate the great community we all still enjoy in East Wall.


East Wall Festival Week  2015, celebration from the 6th to 12th June.


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