Jan 24

Lord Mayor launches Intergenerational relations seminar in St. Marys Youth Club

East Wall shows the way with Intergenerational relations

Lord Mayor launches seminar in St. Marys Youth Club



“The older generation no longer look down on the young people or see them as troublemakers and slowly intergenerational friendships are developing. It’s absolutely fantastic to see especially for an area that has had so much negative publicity in recent years that’s not deserved. Finally the cycle of mistrust and fear has been broken and the future for all generations in East Wall community is that little bit brighter…”

This is how a recent article on the promotion of intergenerational activities in our community sums it up. It is widely recognised that East Wall has set a wonderful example with the quality and innovation of the intergenerational programmes we have undertaken in recent years. The article can be read in full here:

East Wall Youth

2012 marked the 70th anniversary of the establishment of The City of Dublin Youth Service Board (CDYSB). As part of the celebrations a series of seminars were held under the title “The Diversity of Youth Work Practice in the City of Dublin”. East Wall Youth hosted the opening event, with a session on the positive impacts of engaging young people and senior citizens. It was a great honour to host the inaugural event, which saw the Lord Mayor officially launch the whole series.

Lord Mayor in action at St. Marys Youth Club




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