Oct 12

North Wall and the War of Independence : A docklands walking tour .

“Ambushes , arms raids and assassins”

The War of Independence in North Wall (1919 – 1921)


Saturday 23rd October @ 12pm


Auxies Amiens Street - Copy


Just over a century ago the War of Independence came to an end , with a truce signed on July 11th 1921 . For almost two and a half years a brutal military campaign raged across the country , with the British administration unleashing not just their army , but also the Black & Tans , the Auxillaries plus a network of spies and informers upon the rebellious population. And no more so than in the capital , where some of the most infamous events took place .

Join us for this new walking tour which will take you into the heart of Dublin’s Docklands , where we will meet some of the key players of the Irish Revolution , relive the events of Bloody Sunday and stand in the locations where assassins gathered , and where fierce gun battles , ambushes and daring arms raids occurred.

Approx : 2 hours

Route : From the Five Lamps (North Strand Road) via Seville Place / Sheriff Street to North Wall Quay.




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