Sep 18

“O’Casey in the estate – Ploughing on” / Culture Night 2020 (Available now)

This collection was created for Culture Night 2020. It can be watched as a playlist (above) , which will carry us through the life of Sean O’Casey from childhood through to his last farewell to Dublin. Each contribution can also be enjoyed separately (below) .

Join the cast members of the RTE documentary “O’Casey in the estate” as they perform a selection of Sean O’Casey pieces at iconic locations in the North Docklands … on the very streets the great playwright walked .
Our great cast of talented contributors :

Aaron Connolly
Alice Dunne
Anto Seery
Ciara Byrne
Derek Tynan
Diarmuid Callaghan
Kristen Foran
Nadine Foran
Ronan Morris
Richie Sweetman
Treasa Woods
Victor Ewubare.

And the man behind the camera , without whom it would not be possible Louis Maxwell .

“O’Casey in the estate” was a ShinAwil production.

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