Sep 18

“Docklands BY Docklanders” – Culture Night 2020 (Available now)

This collection was created for Culture Night 2020 . It can be watched as a playlist (above) , with the pieces appearing in chronological order , from the 18th century to modern day. Each individual contribution can also be enjoyed separately(see links below).


Enjoy a literary tour of the Dublin Docklands . Drawing on over two centuries of the written word , our fantastic line up of performers will introduce you to a rich history of memories & perceptions from the Port area and the surrounding communities. Readings will take place from recognizable and iconic locations throughout the Docklands.

Featuring :

Alice Dunne

Brendan Behan

Caitriona Ni Cassaithe

Colm Meehan

Daniel McDermott

Ellen Fleming

James Joyce

Kathleen Behan

Michael Ryan

Monica Horan

Paul Horan

Paula Meehan

Paddy Daly

Peter Sheridan

Roger Lamb

Roxanna Nic Liam

Sarah Atkinson

Scott Graham .

AND the man behind the camera Louis Maxwell

Culture Night logo

Dublin Port


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