Sep 03

“Waterloo, John Rennie , Black Drop Opium and the Docklands dislocated Doorway “.

John Rennie was an innovative Scottish civil engineer , responsible for key works in Britain, Scotland and Dublin , including within the North Docks. His “Doorway into the Docklands” (1813) was never really meant as the tribute to a future victory over the French as is suggested today.

However, that victory which would come in 1815 at Waterloo – an event which would have profound consequences for the Dublin Docklands, would open up an exotic world which among other things would see Ireland become an exporter of Opium to Great Britain.

Rennie’s Doorway , located at the CHQ building has witnessed many of the iconic events of Irish History , and through the stories of the various Doormen such as Robert Nolan in 1795 through to Michael Connolly and John Nolan in 1916, a long forgotten era of Dockland’s history will be explored. Presented by Hugo McGuinness .



Originally scheduled for broadcast on 30th July 2020 as part of the new Short Stories Tall Tales  series. These online events were created as a response to the restrictions created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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