Mar 13

“Love in the Wild” @ The Sean O’Casey Theatre

SOC A2 Poster (1)An opportunity to see this  fantastic one man play , which has been receiving rave reviews around the City . Written by Lisa Walsh , it is directed by Peter Sheridan and stars our very own Anto Seery . According to  The Arts Review :

“There’s a good chance you’ve already met Ger Duffy. Good chance too you tried to avoid having to talk to him. For Ger looks, sounds, and dresses like one of those. The ones that shoot up in a telephone box, get strung out on the Boardwalk, or hassle you for change for a hostel for the night. Not someone you’d want to spend any time with. Except playwright, Lisa Walsh, thinks it’s high time you did. You see Ger isn’t a junkie, he’s in recovery. Nor is he homeless, he has a loving family. He’s also an amazing swimmer, a lover of David Attenborough programmes, a massive Bob Marley fan, and seems to possess a magic Leap card that never needs topping up. And he’s also about to discover that second chances can come in the most unexpected ways. A slice from the life of a recovering addict, “Love in the Wild” showcases an exceptional one-man performance, in a brave production unafraid to take risks.


“Alongside a detailed depiction of an addict in recovery, Sheridan, Seery, and Walsh beautifully articulate a rich, if subtle, commentary on Dublin.”



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