Feb 04

Countess Markiewicz sketch of East Wall resident

Molly Nugent sketched by Markievicz

This is a fantastic sketch of East Wall resident Molly Nugent by Countess Markievicz . The Nugent family  lived at Seaview House , positioned at the junction of Seaview Avenue and Church Road , (along with much of the surrounding land) from where they ran a successful and famous horse dealing business. Molly was one of seven daughters and two sons in the family . Markiewicz was an accomplished artist and  always signed her drawings with a “de” in the middle , as can be seen on this image. It sketched in 1923 at a Fair which was held in aid of the families of Republican prisoners still being held after the end of the Civil War.

(We are extremely grateful to  Molly’s daughter Lucy Brennan who provided us with this image , which was photographed by Gord Fulton. Used with permission .)


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