Nov 09

“Il Dovere del Medico” at the Sean O’Casey Theatre

23376162_1593140180750957_9093115218503575578_nThe TEATRO EMIGRATO (Dublin) was created in 2012 by the urge of some individuals to create a group to find a way of personal expression, especially through the theater. This is a deep need felt by  most members of the group, in order to recover a part of their “personal” scene in a foreign country, a scene which risked to be deemed by everyday routine.

This group includes people of different nationalities, age and personal experiences. Every member of the group is a “immigrant” in the Irish soil- hence its name- and, as immigrants, each one wants to preserve part of his roots in its strongest and deepest nature: the language. The main goal, in fact, is to organize mises en scene mainly of Italian theatre plays.

For further details :  https://www.facebook.com/TeatroEmigratoDublin/


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