Sep 22

Sporting heroes of 1938 recalled as the Dubs win All Ireland 2013


As Dublin celebrates the return of Sam Maguire, there’s no better time to remember some of our own local heroes. East Wall has a proud history of sporting triumph and here is a great reminder from the Evening Herald in April 1938.


As has been pointed out by Larry Redmond, ever knowledgeable on our sporting legacy, the achievement of the boy hurlers at this time was even more remarkable as the team and indeed the community itself was relatively new. The corporation housing programme that made up the bulk of what we now know as East Wall had only begun a few years earlier, and St.Josephs Boy’s school had only very recently opened its doors.


If you have any photos, memorabilia or recollections of our sporting past we would love you to share them with us. Our community has a tremendous sports legacy which really needs to be recognised and commemorated. Contact us at eastwallhistory@gmail.com


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