Jun 25

East Wall celebrates its history in Paradise

Paradise Alley by John D Sheridan was first published by Talbot Press, Dublin in 1945.

This new edition, published by Seven Towers, includes an introduction by Sarah Lundberg and Joe Mooney with details from the real school records and memories of the pupils who were there – Tommy Devlin, Larry Kane, Maisie Lynch, Teresa Mason, and former Republic of Ireland kitman Charlie O’Leary.

by John D Sheridan

will be launched on 26th June 7.30pm

Catriona Crowe

At St Joseph’s Co-Ed

National School, East Wall Road, East Wall, Dublin 3


Cited as the forerunner to Strumpet City by the Irish Times in 1980 Paradise Alley gives a close up view of the stark poverty in Dublin’s dockland slums in the first half of the twentieth century, as well as looking at the violence of the 1913 lockout, through the eyes of the school master Anthony Domican and the words of those around him, including his pupils. John D Sheridan backdrops the manure factory, coalyards and warehouses of the docklands with sailboats in Dublin Bay, and tempers the pain of everyday life with hope and his characteristic humour.

This publication sees a new departure for Seven Towers, venturing into literary tradition as well as local history.

Sarah Lundberg, publisher at Seven Towers says ‘When we first started Seven Towers we were very conscious that we were stepping into a long established and important literary tradition, and we hoped to honour this tradition’s history while also becoming part of its present and its future. This publication forms part of that, enabling us to bring part of Dublin’s literary tradition into the present, and stretching out non-fiction wings at the same time.’

This book is also an exciting venture for East Wall – local historian, Joe Mooney says ‘East Wall is celebrating Pride of Place this summer and we wanted to do something really important, for East Wall and beyond. Celebrating our community through bringing this literary work to a new audience achieves this, showcasing East Wall and John D Sheridan and what he achieved in literature as well as what East Wallers can remember through his book’

John D Sheridan (1903-1980) was an Irish novelist, poet, short story writer, humourist and journalist. As a young man he taught in the national school in East Wall, basing Paradise Alley in part on his experiences there. Sheridan also worked for the Educational Company of Ireland and contributed to the Irish Independent newspaper

Catriona Crowe is Head of Special Projects at the National Archives of Ireland. She is Manager of the Irish Census Online Project, which has placed the 1901 and 1911 censuses online free of charge over the last 4 years. She is an Editor of Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, which published its seventh volume, covering the period 1941-45, in November 2010. She is editor of Dublin 1911, published by the Royal Irish Academy in late 2011.

She is Vice-President of the Irish Labour History Society, and a former President of the Women’s History Association. She is Chairperson of the Irish Theatre Institute, which promotes and supports Irish theatre and has created an award-winning website of Irish theatre productions.

She is Chairperson of the SAOL Project, a rehabilitation initiative for women with addiction problems, based in the North Inner City, and also Chairperson of the Inner City Renewal Group, which delivers employment and welfare rights advice and support to the community in the North Inner City.

She contributes regularly to the broadcast and print media on cultural and historical matters.

Sarah Lundberg is the editor and publisher at Seven Towers, a historian and a member of East Wall History Group. She lives in East Wall in Dublin.

Joe Mooney is a community activist, local historian and a member of East Wall History Group. He lives in East Wall in Dublin.

Seven Towers is a not for profit publishing house run entirely by volunteers.


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For further information – www.seventowers.ie or info@seventowers.ie


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