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The Eucharistic Congress 2012 – then and now

The Eucharistic Congress – then and now

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping on the Merchants Road 1932


We recently experienced the Eucharistic congress taking place in Dublin. It was 80 years ago, in 1932, when the Congress last visited the City. Our picture above shows the women on Merchants Road having just swept up in preparation for the Congress – bunting and flags can be seen on some of the houses. During the 1932 Congress the Quays were packed with ships in the city for the event.

Our second picture shows Merchants Road pictured during the 2012 Congress, at almost the same location. Pictured are two lifelong residents of the road – Teresa Mason and Maisie Lynch. Maisie was 10 years old when she attended the 1932 Congress with her father, and remembers it as a “ a beautiful sunny day”. The Congress flag being held belonged to Teresa’s mother in 1932 and has remained on Merchants Rd since.

Teresa and Maisie

Teresa and Maisie on Merchants Road 2012


Eucharistic Congress Medal

Mr. Michael Delaney’s Eucuristic Congress Medal from 1932


This Eucharistic congress medal was presented to Mr. Michael Delaney in 1932, at the event of the Eucharistic congress in the Phoenix Park Dublin. He was twelve years of age and living at Brien Road Marino at the time.

He was in the choir and performed with the great Count John Mc Cormack as a boy soprano. The Delaney family has lived on East Wall Road since 1957 and some of the family still reside there today.

This medal is now 80 years old.


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